New book release: Voorbeeldenboek Fiets – Inspiration book about cycling and national large scale infrastructure projects

The connected future of mobility

The connected future of mobility

On Februari 14th Maurits Lopes Cardozo participated at the MaaS Summit -Mobility as a Service- at the Connekt & Dutch Cycling Embassy headquarters in Delft. Kaj Pyyhtiä, Chief Customer Experience Officer of MaaS Global revealed the philosophy of the Finnish startup Whim and the announcement that the first MaaS will start operation this year in the Netherlands -Amsterdam-. Bikeminded contributed to de discussion about the role of the bicycle in MaaS as a reaction to the presentations of Vialis (Willem Hartman) en Swapfiets (Steven Uitentuis). The bicycle will play a key role in MaaS systems in the Netherlands. The challenge is how to integrate the bicycle in the connected system of mobility providers. I predict we will need more share bikes in the Netherlands in the near future to answer to the big demand for bicycles by MaaS operators and users. Interesting developments! 

Bicycle parking DOB-Academy

Bicycle parking DOB-Academy

The DOB-Academy needs a solution for increasing numbers of parked bicycles around the monumental building in the city centre of Delft, the Netherlands. The DOB bicycle parking will help to promote bicycle use and to keep te surroundings free of randomly parked bikes. Bike-minded provided an analysis of possible scenario’s and how to integrate these with the beautiful monumental building. In the near future both employees and visitors will be welcomed with their bicycle by first class parking facilities.

Maurits Lopes Cardozo is Cycling Expert for the Dutch Cycling Embassy


Member of DCE

Bike-minded joined forces with the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

As a Cycling Expert, Maurits Lopes Cardozo will help the DCE share cycling knowledge and inspiration with a worldwide audience.

Bike to work

Riding to work by bicycle on sunny Dutch cycle paths is a luxury!