Dutch cycling design specialist

Bike-minded is a design consulting studio specialised in bicycle infrastructures, active mobility and urban innovation.

Cycling in the Netherlands is big, the world leader bicycle mobility! It is also a very normal all inclusive means of transport: schoolchildren and seniors are also cyclists. For decades cycling has been part of policy making and planning resulting in well developed bicycle infrastructure and cycle enabling services. This cycle friendly context improves the quality of our lives and this is something we like to share with you.

We combine Dutch cycling expertise with over a decade of design consulting experience in bicycle infrastructures and innovation projects.


A safe and attractive bicycle network is an important precondition to enable people to use cycling as a mode of transportation.

Integrated well-designed bicycle infrastructure is key to make cycling safe, attractive and part of daily life.

Bike-minded can help to develop bicycle networks, especially delivering effective solutions for the more complex nodes in the bicycle network such as bridges, underpasses and specific spatial design challenges.

Who we are

Bike-minded is founded by designer Maurits Lopes Cardozo and consists of a network of designers, creatives, engineers, researchers, cyclists and innovators. We explore user needs, involve all stakeholders, analyse technical possibilities and limitations, imagine possible future scenarios, visualise design solutions and calculate cost and capacity for bicycle infrastructure and urban innovation projects.

We advocate better enabling conditions and space for cyclists and pedestrians to move towards smarter mobility and better livable cities. We are Bike-minded, pleased to meet you!