Bike-minded is a network of designers, engineers and researchers coordinated by ir. Maurits Lopes Cardozo.

What we do:

  • bicycle infrastructure design
  • feasibility studies for better decision making
  • Experience design & research

Bicycle infrastructure design

To develop safe and attractive bicycle networks it is key to overcome obstacles like highways or rivers by realizing good crossings. Bike-minded has extensive experience in designing integrated infrastructures that combine effective technical solutions with a suitable aesthetic.

Better decision making by design

For decision makers we offer insight by visualizing possible design solutions including a cost estimate to enable a well-informed discussion early in the planning process. Especially for infrastructural solutions like bridges and tunnels the cost is relative high compared to ‘simple’ road construction.

Experience Design & Research

Experience design projects focus on the user and it’s context and understanding how the current user experience is. User needs are defined by their physical, social and cultural context. Researching the context with various design research tools gives valuable insights and practical success factors for innovation. It is an inclusive design approach integrating stakeholders needs, spatial constraints and user experience.